Sixteen Patch Variations
at Constellation w/Zelienople

Sixteen Patch Variations uses hand animation in a consistant pattern to quilt individual expressions of landscape memories. An evolving conversation between lived experience, traditional craft techniques, and the floating world of the screen. This approach was designed to absorb new experiences and expressions, telling deeper histories as it grows. 

This first iteration uses footage shot in New Mexico, Northern Michigan, West Virginia, and North Carolina, winter to spring of 2022. It was premiered at Constellation during a performance by the band Zelienople. 

Bill MacKay - Movie House | Sala De Cine

Projected film, Videonics mixer, feedback loop.

Vast and dark dimensions are scaled in Bill MacKay’s bilingual epic poem. Memories are recalled, abstracting as they appear on screen, repeating, distorting, dissolving into the darkness. 


Slow Planes - Seven Dances

Seven Dances, dubbed at home under the Worm Moon. Stamped and dated, in thrifted cassette cases. Patterns from far away and up close, vocabulary surrounded and influenced by its environment. Not through it but of it.


Constellation w/Bill Mackay

Live overhead projector, 2 digital projectors,
media player, color film, camcorder, Videonics digital mixer. Rain porch. Underwater ruins. Live photos by David Strand and Nick Barnett.


Matt Christensen - I Had a Vision I Could Move Anywhere

Leone beach park, projections, slow motion replay. Pina Colada. The False Mirror. Camera by David Alexander.