Jeffrey Silverstein
Trip Sitter
Video release

Phone footage, hand drawn and overhead projector animation, space film, maraca.

When I stare up into the night sky I’m often aware of a cognitive dissonance between my emotional and logical experiences. I’m aware that time is a matter of perception. In the same way a giant rock face travels at a pace outside of our sensory abilities but displays all the signs of organic life, the universe bears the unmistakable quality of living. I want to speed up spacetime using the same tricks I have as an animator and see how the universe really moves. I imagine the the code of its natural energies is hidden somewhere between mathematics and psychic openness. Telescoping doorways or fractal carousels could propel us fluidly, compressing vast distances within a single step. Conveyor belts of light carrying our civilizations archives from one glimmering mineral to another. Perhaps we could evolve to see beyond our current limitations. Within our newly tuned senses the matter of the universe might appear as varied as the flora and fauna of the forests of earth. Space could be a fun place to explore. Something to sit with on these first trips out of our world.