David John Morris
Inner Smile
Video Release

Experimental video made with hand drawn and overhead projector animations, textile, cut film, analog video manipulation.

I enjoy spending time by large bodies of water. Infinite and reflective spaces with no structure or land in sight are great stages to watch the drama of Earth's atmosphere. Where the sun and the moon are able to really show off what they can do and the images in your mind can stretch out and blend with the absolute. An afterimage is an occurrence that happens when the eyes photoreceptors are overstimulated, essentially burning an image into your vision that lingers after the source has moved on. An exposure taken with the eye, hangs then rolls back into the darkness. I often think about the eye as a camera and I wonder how much it can retain. If it’s possible to consciously remember and catalog seeing. Staring out at the water I try to follow as images roll into my senses and mingle with the thoughts and emotions I’m carrying, becoming distorted as they reverberate further away from the moment. This happens again and again and again, until I’ve had enough of the game and give in to the mess of thoughts and emotions. I was listening to David’s song and thinking about him standing out by the ocean, receiving and communing through the eyes, making time to not force things. I thought about how much practice it must take not getting in the way of your own experience and I let the words and images bounce around and distort until they settled into the infinite.