Timothy Breen is an animator, multimedia artist, musician, grammy nominated designer, founder of F.O.G. design, Chicagoan, auspicious in friendship and experience. 

“Beaming down with ecstatic joy… Timothy’s work has taken shape in a myriad of colorful forms… but the notably powerful continuity throughout is his ability to relate a opened-armed, timeless celebration of the very thing his work is in collaboration with. And when I say celebration, I don’t mean some contrived ego tripping party with a bunch of social media influencers! No! I mean throw another log on the fire, eat a couple mushroom caps, take your clothes off, jump into Lake Michigan and turn into a wandering plankton kind of thing. Are you following me? For me, Timothy’s work is about being alive, right now, and being absorbed in the moment to pause quietly and look around you, to see the shapes chasing you, caring for you and enlightening you, and realize they are all you and they are all of us! Embrace them! Unearthing this ancient wisdom doesn’t come easily you know. He’s been studying natures’ rhythms and stories for as long as I can remember, but thankfully his timeless expressions are here right now and I sure hope his divining rod keeps on ringing well into the new decade and future decades to come.”

Jaime Fennelly, Beaufort, NC. January 2020.